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About Multi FTP Sync

   Mulit FTP Sync is a real-time file synchronization tool that can automatically synchronize the local file system to one or more FTP Servers without any user intervention.That is to say ,it is a file synchronization tool for distributed computers.It is useful in mirror sites ,cluster environment,backup file and other circumstances .

How does it work
  • The kernel of Multi FTP Sync is the monitoring function.After you have configed a path for monitoring,the monitoring starts.Then any change in the path or its subdirectories will be detected.These changes include adding ,modifying ,renaming or deleting file(or directory).Changed files will be synchronized to FTP servers quickly.It is so quick that as soon as the file change happends ,the file change is detected.You dont't have to worry about the capability.It takes few system resources but runs effective indeed.Also,it is safe and does not affect the current file system. It is completely different from the file recursive search mechanism.The latter will take more time to find out which file has changed and is inefficient.What is more, the latter is unable to detect some changes such as deleting a file.The worst thing is that if your path contains thousands and thousands files,the later will be very slow and impossible to finish the work.

  •  Search old files function.When you begin to run the program,it will ask you whether to search for the old files.Old fils is the changed files since you last closed your program.These files need to synchronize to ftp servers,otherwise you will miss these files and can't keep synchronization between local disk and remote servers.Multi FTP Sync can correctly find out which file need to be update and show you a satisfied result.
  • Manual operation function.Multi FTP Sync also provides a manual operation to let you upload freely.If you do not need real-time synchronization or there are not too many updated files or you want to upload files which are not in the monitoring path ,you can upload manually.


Why must I choose it

If you are a webmaster , do you still update web pages manually and upload them one by one? You really need this product to update web sites . You just start a new task, then Multi FTP Sync will do all other things --detect all changed web pages and upload them to ftp servers automatically.You need do nothing any more.

If you want to backup files to an FTP server ,Multi FTP Sync can help you. It has multi threads of ftp transfer engine to speed up the synchroinze process. Save plenty of valuable time for you!

If you have bothered about real-time transfer files to other computers,you can use it.It is easy to use --simply operation but powerful function. At all time ,it can automatically and steadily run without any manual intervention.It is intelligent to judge which file is new and need to be sent and which file need to be kept down.So with it,you can easily finish your task of transfer and synchronization of files.

Monitor+Search+Manual=100% integrated,safe,perfect synchronizing tool! so why wait when you can order right now?Buy Now . If you are not ready to order yet, download the trial version freely.

If Multi FTP Sync does not fit your requirement,you can send mail to contact@coolmasoft.com.Maybe we can develop a custom version for you.

Download and Order
Multi Ftp Sync is a shareware.You can try it for 30 days without any limit.After that,if you want to continue,you can register it.Click here to download it. If you want to buy it ,Click here
Awards of Multi FTP Sync

Multi FTP Sync 2.0 : 5 Stars Award at soft20.com !   : 5 Stars Award at bluesofts.com ! Multi FTP Sync hotlib.com - Popular software download archive! 20000+ programs to download, many with user ratings and reviews.

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